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To Somers Veterinary Hospital clients and friends, 

 In light of the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19, we want to update you on procedures that have been instituted since this virus hit the American shores. We have, as an AAHA certified hospital, always kept the hospital clean and safe. However, with this new threat, we are following updates and recommendations from the WHO, CDC and AVMA to continue to keep the hospital clean and safe for everyone and have increased both the frequency and scope of these cleanings. According to the CDC, you do not need to worry about your pet catching or carrying COVID-19 and to date, the CDC has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19, and there is no evidence that companion animals including pets can spread COVID-19 to humans. 
Hong Kong did have a case where a dog did test a weak positive but had no symptoms, and it is unknown whether this postive test was due to an actual infection or environmental contamination as the dog was from a COVID-19 positive owner. 
Currently no animals in the United States have been identified with this virus however the CDC does recommend that if you do test positive for COVID-19 that you do avoid contact with animals unless necessary (no hugging, kissing and wash hands before and after interacting). For even though your pet is not at risk for contracting the disease, based on current data, the virus can be carried on the surface of the animal. Any individual sick with COVID-19 that has pets, if possible, the CDC recommends finding members of the household who are not ill to care for those animals. We are instituting "social distancing" to help avoid problems with this disease so please do not be offended if we do not shake hands or hug for we are trying to keep you and our staff safe. Currently, there is no individual in this hospital that is showing symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19. We do ask that you follow appropriate protocols as outlined by WHO, and CDC for keeping yourself safe and the people around you. We are asking anyone who is exhibiting respiratory symptoms or is positive for COVID-19 or has been exposed to an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 to call ahead and inform us so that we can take appropriate actions concerning your pet's health care before you come in. We ask those individuals to avoid coming into this hospital and potentially exposing others. If there is an emergency, we will try to assess things by phone to determine risks and allow us to institute special protocols to ensure care and minimze risk to our staff and other clients. If this is for routine care these can be postponed to a later and safer time. 

For further reading on COVID-19 please go to World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

Thank you 
~Dr. Nancy Karol Hensen and the staff at Somers Veterinary Hospital
With the rising threat of COVID-19 we have had to make some decisions to protect our clients, community and employees of Somers Veterinary Hospital. We will begin implementing new polices TODAY, March 16, with full implementation by Wednesday, March 18, as we work out the details.

If you are exhibiting any respiratory symptoms, have been exposed to COVID-19 positive individuals, have tested positive for COVID-19 or have traveled to high-risk countries, please inform staff immediately. If this is not an emergency for your pet, ie. a routine appointment, we ask that you reschedule your pet's appointment to a later and safer time. If it is an emergency, please call ahead of time so that the pet may be assessed and ideally find another family member to bring your pet.

We are NOW instituting "hands-free" drop off appointments for ALL of our clients. All appointments will be given a scheduled time, similar to a regular office visits. Please remain in your car and a history and information will be gathered by phone (please fill out the Intake form that applies to your pet prior to your appointment and e-mail it to somersvh@gmail.com), and then a SVH team member will collect your pet and paperwork for your appointment.  Once examination and treatments are complete, you may pay over the phone by credit or debit card. If you are paying by check or cash, a team member will take the payment at your car.

Food and medication pickups--please remain IN YOUR CAR and call the office. Payments can be made by credit/debit card over the phone or if paying by check or cash, a team member will collect your payment at your car. All items will be delivered to your car by SVH team members. By calling ahead we can schedule pickup times that may make this process more efficient with fewer waits.

Please be patient for we are working within limited confines. Extended waiting times may occur. We do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause however we are doing what we can to help stem potential problems being seen in other communities affected by COVID-19.

We are asking for people's patience during this difficult time while we implement recommendations being set by the various veterinary communities to help keep our community safe. Please be aware that as things evolve further changes may be made.

Thank you  for your help at this difficult time.

Your friends at Somers Veterinary Hospital
Below are some helpful links for you to follow to keep ontop of this rising situation.

World Health Organization
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Veterinary Medical Association
Approved COVID-19 Fighting products: 

If you are planning a visit to our office, please fill out this form before your appointment to help us help you.

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